Few tricks for glittering nail art

Few tricks for glittering nail art

As nail art becomes more and more popular, everyone wants to try out intricate designs. Without any proper brushing skills it will be hard to achieve anything , however ,with glitter nail polish, you can create quick nail art looks. With these five easy ways below, you get simple nail art and shiny nails that can look amazing.

Something in the glitter

When using glossy nail polish, dark primers usually look better. However, you can also create a lighter nude look with it, and if you want to darken it. Whatever your mood and preferences, a glossy nail polish may be right for you.

You can find glitter at local pharmacies, online, or specialty stores. The price range varies , how you find affordable polishes in different colors from different manufacturers.

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Glitter ribbon

Flooding in glitter isn’t that cool and that’s why this style of nail art is absolutely fantastic. Take a coarse glitter polish and apply it to half of the treated nail in one stroke.

Good French tips

If you want shiny nails but don’t want a bold expression, this is the kind of simple nail art you should try. Do you remember the popular French manicure? You can achieve the same look and replace the top with a fine glossy varnish. Choose an iridescent nail polish with a transparent base so you don’t have to worry about messing up everything.

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Shiny 3d nails

This style of nail art is actually already done, the gloss only adds to the attitude and attracts attention with the extra gloss. All you need to do is add some shine to your already done 3D nails. The result is a more dynamic design that stands out from the crowd. This layout does not require any skills. Just fix the 3D manicure and apply some glitter to it with a brush to get more shine.

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The glitter is fading

This look works with a gloss lacquer with a combination of thick and fine gloss. Start spreading the glitter from the bottom and blend upwards. More shine is concentrated on the base of the nail than on the tips, creating a layered effect. If you don’t use too thick gloss, this gradient is easy to achieve.

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Glitter tip

This contrasts with the shiny nails above. Instead of the shiny nail polish centered on the bottom of the nail, it is on the top of the nail. You can apply a primer or just use glitter with a clear primer. Every time you bring an application brush, start at the top and brush your nails with gentle, little strokes. The different layers have a discoloration effect.

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