Some basic tips to enjoy a spa experience

Some basic tips to enjoy a spa experience

A trip to spa should be a relaxing experience, but if you are not aware of the spa etiquette , it can turn out the opposite way. Below are some simple tips that can help you get the most of your spa experience.

1)  When you have booked a time at spa , you should arrive early than the booked time so you have enough time to change into your bathrobe. Some spa has a requirement to fill a consultation form as well. There are several Spas that offer walk-ins as well , however  with walk in you may not be guaranteed a specific time and you can even wait in the queue , so it is always recommend to book in advance for the best spa experience.

2) It is recommend to leave any valuable items at home , almost all spa have lockers in place , it is best to leave unnecessary valuable items  like gold wearing’s etc at home.

3)  It is recommended to turn off mobile phone or leave it in the locker so your calm and relaxing atmosphere in the spa is not ruined by the ringing tone.

4) Do request a spa tour, as doing so can be helpful as it can make you comfortable the surroundings.

5) Pick your products carefully and if you are not sure about any , don’t hesitate to ask questions. The therapist will help explain  about the different treatment products.

6) If you are not comfortable about anything during your treatment , let say the music , temperature or treatment products. Speak up ! , ask the therapist to make an adjustment.

7) It is upto you to either talk or stay quiet during the treatment, the therapist will follow your lead.

8) You should dress comfortably  while going to spa , you can opt for any dress like vintage dresses ,other seasonal trends but have make sure they are comfortable enough.. Usually massage is done completely  undressed and you are covered with a sheet/towel and only the message location is visible. Consult with the therapist for dressing options like if you are comfortable with an underwear during massage.

10) You always have the option to reschedule if you’re not well especially during recent Covid-19 pandemic.  Postpone your appointment if you have symptoms similar to Covid18 or migraine since the massage will enhance your circulation and can make you feel worse.

11) Once the treatment is complete , take your time. Calm down and relax, there is no set time for you to leave, you always have the option to take shower , get properly dressed, take a glass of water , a cup of tea and even do your hair and make up.

12) Pay up  for the treatment and do check the items in the receipt to make sure that have paid up correctly.

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