Some key Spa Accessories

Some key Spa Accessories

There are a wide range of spa accessories that are vital for a spa to function properly. It is recommended that when you book your portable spa or cyclone spa, you ask the provider for these accessories , so you have the complete set in place and you are not left thinking there is something missing.

Spa Accessories:


Steps are one of the key accessories you will require for your spa. It makes getting in and out of the spa simple and safe. An anti slips surface is is recommended for the steps to avoid slippingĀ  especially when you feet are wet.

Towel Rail

Towel rails are available with their own mounting brackets, so all it require is to have them properly installed. It would be a mess if you had to leave your towel on the floor, especially if you have an outdoor spa.

Cover Lifter

Cover lifter is a must have item for any spa owner. Due to the heavy nature of hard cover it can not be lifted with hands, so the cover lifter is there to do the job and even has storage space for the cover when it is not in use.

Booster Seat

Booster seats can be easily filled with air and are normally manufactured from long lasting and durable material. They do provide extra benefits, such as providing comfort as opposed to sitting on the hard surface of the spa pool. Several spa booster seats even have suction cups to give added comfort.

You can also go for other spa relaxation furniture , there are wide range of options available like adjustable sun beds , ocean dinning tables. For outdoor spa you can explore outdoor furniture Ireland to find the one that best match your needs.

Spa Tray

Spa tray can be attached to the top of the side of the spa. This can be a great option if you want to relax with your favorite drink and don’t want to keep getting in and out of the spa to refill or place your glass back down.

Ambient Lights

With the help of ambient lights you can create different moods and atmospheres while relaxing in your spa. You can even go for fun disco colors when you are having a party or opt for mood lighting during a romantic or relaxing break.

Aromatherapy Scents

Aromatherapy scents can be used to add a fragrance to the water. These scent are available with many portable spa providers and it is recommended that you check with your portable spa company.

Swim Poles

This is an added feature for the swim spa, which is harnessed to your back with a safety belt that keeps you in place. With swim poles you can swim and exercise in your swim spa without needing a pool.

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